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What is XR COIN?


🔸 We put GameFi, MetaVerse, NFTs, Payment Systems, Collections and many more innovations at the center of the future with XR COIN.

🔸 Its power has been spread across many networks with CrossChain to capture it using multiple BlockChains.

🔸 Full stability with the balance mechanism that provides common statistics in each BlockChain network

🔸 Each product offered by XR COIN is securely presented with smart contracts that serve BlockChains with the power of DEFI.


We started to build the future from today, and we divided the world into parcels and made it a part of METAVERSE, but we did not limit it to METAVERSE. NFT Marketplace will cover Payout/Make systems, E-commerce modules and Game developments and more. Our software developments are progressing day by day and we are bringing the future closer to the present.

Since XR COIN was developed as a valid cryptocurrency just like BNB and ETHEREUM, it was programmed to work integrated with all the services offered by the XR COIN project. In addition, it will continue to exist in many BlockChain networks with CrossChain.


The platform we call NFT Marketplace is a marketplace where you can find many products such as GameFi, mataverse assets, digital artifacts and collections, music. What makes XR COIN NFT Marketplace special in this context is that it is one of the lowest cost NFT trading platforms in the crypto money world and it has the beauty of giving free NFTs to its investors with campaigns. Along with the CrossChain base, it can be integrated with other platforms such as OpenSea, as far as possible.


The main purpose of these play-to-win crypto games is to convert the gaming experience into money based on the blockchain. Of course, it's no surprise that the ability to reward players for their time and effort is the reason for the rapid rise in popularity of these play-to-win games (often called GameFi). Who doesn't like the idea of making money while having fun?


Crypto-based payment solutions work differently from credit cards or other online payment systems. Instead of the existing system, which is based on the approval of the card or account holder and then the buyer withdraws the money, it works by confirming the transaction via DAPPS and sending it directly to the buyer's wallet.

👑Contract Address: 0xdF71EBeBBcB195B882be02fC161b21324e73664D

👑Website: http://xr-coin.net/

👑Telegram: https://t.me/xr_coin

👑Twitter: https://twitter.com/xr_coin

👑Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xr_coin/

👑Discord: https://discord.gg/r37xC8WmFS

👑Medium: https://medium.com/@xr_coin

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Launched15 Aug 2022
Added12 Aug 2022