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What is Young Degens?

🫵 Tired of fake twitter influencers that play with you as a cashout tool? How many projects have you invested in that have been rugged? Yeah man, we know how it works and we got your back.

$YD ain't just a token; we're Young Degens, a movement fueled by energy, humor, brotherhood and the struggle of hustlin' in this crypto game. Rollin' with meme wizards and crypto fanatics, $YD represents your game where you have the power to make it successful together with all the other $YD chads.

Express yourself, your creativity, your fun and your passion by joining the $YD movement.

Get that FOMO, turn screw-ups into profits. Let's turn past losses into future wins.

✅ 100% tokens for the community

$YD is conceived as a reward token.

Only 5% of supply will be available for the FairLaunch.

95% will be available for the community by joining $YD Liquidity Program with Farms and Pools on MelegaSwap.

✅ DEX philosophy

$YD is a DEX token. We believe in DeFi transparency and freedom.

We also believe that 99% of CEXs are a scam 👉 When $YD will moon all CEXs will list automatically.😜

✅Real and effective marketing.

Our best Marketing is our Crew.

Marketing will be guaranteed on ongoing basis by the initial strategic partners and by cross-marketing activities with many other safe projects.

A constant support with daily social posting and shilling by our Young Degens Crew will be our medicine against crypto mafia.

🔥 ZERO risks of being promoted by any twitter scammer, fake influencer or wasting money and energy in fake call channels.

🫵This is your real chance to invest on yourself. Enjoy your freedom. Become a Young Degen now

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Market Cap2.23% $73,751
USD Price$0.0000010
Price Change 1h0.61%
Price Change 24h2.23%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000001028941935484


Launched23 Jul 2023
Added17 Jul 2023