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What is Zinscoin?

Zinscoin is the first cryptocurrency that has an intrinsic value backed by stock investments, designed to ensure that it is constantly a value-adding asset, and guaranteeing currency protection into the future. Its aim is to maintain and preserve its own value, while

simultaneously being a flexible digital means of payment based on theBinance Blockchain (Binance Smart Chain).

Zinscoin analyzes and calculates the value of various shares and stocks, assigning an intrinsic value to these daily based on live indicators. Through these calculations, Zinscoin automatically

identifies and invests in undervalued assets and resulting in dividend yields of over 20% per year. The system is based on a value investment strategy to secure risk-free gains from unique business models, or well-known steadfast public companies that are trading below their market value. Due to higher market capitalization, along with the compound interest effect, Zinscoin generates far higher returns than ETFs, funds, dividend stocks and real estate investments. Through profits generated, Zinscoin buys back its own Zinscoins every month, announced each month on the Zinscoin roadmap. This buyback scheme allows the profits to be passed along to Zinscoin's holders by reducing the number of circulating Zinscoin, increasing the overall

value of each coin. Zinscoin's ecosystem is implemented in a way that directs all profits or returns back into its own system, ensuring that Zinscoin and its holders benefit from any increase in value. Zinscoin features secure transactions, total transparency, and ensures

unassailable value, making it an unbeatable digital asset.

Zinscoin is an internationally protected and verified trademark. It is subject to the protection right of the DPMA (German Patent and Trademark).

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Market Cap›2.3% $296,479,674
USD Price$0.029
Price Change 1h›0.76%
Price Change 24h›2.3%
24h Low / 24h High$0.029636935320932003


Launched06 Dec 2021
Added12 Feb 2022