The Top 10 Price Charts Apps For Crypto Investors

By the Coinscope Team·14 Jun 2023·
The Top 10 Price Charts Apps For Crypto Investors


The crypto market is renowned for its volatility and quick pace. For crypto investors, having access to current data and detailed price charts is essential in such a setting. These chart apps for crypto investors, provide a lot of information and robust tools that help them make wise choices and better manage the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Apps that provide real-time data on price changes, market trends, and trading volumes serve as windows into the world of cryptocurrencies. Investors can utilise interactive charts to evaluate recent and historical price data, spot trends, and create trade plans based on technical marks. These applications frequently include a broad selection of charting tools, such as different periods, drawing tools, and customisable indicators, enabling investors to do in-depth technical analysis.

One of their main advantages is the flexibility of price chart applications to track numerous cryptocurrencies and exchanges simultaneously. Investors can effortlessly keep track of the performance of their favourite currencies on several platforms, giving them a complete picture of their holdings. Gathering all the required data in one location saves time and effort and enables investors to make quick, well-informed decisions.

Additionally, price chart applications sometimes include other functions like portfolio tracking, price alerts, and news updates. Investors now have access to a wide range of tools to manage their money more effectively thanks to these capabilities. By creating personalised notifications, investors can be informed about important price changes or market developments that could affect their investment plans. In a market that moves quickly and where time is everything, this level of control and flexibility is essential.

Overview of the Top 10 Apps

These applications provide distinctive features and capabilities to meet the various demands of cryptocurrency investors.

  • GeckoTerminal
  • DEXView
  • CryptoWatch
  • CryptoView
  • Coinigy
  • GoCharting
  • TradingView
  • DEX Screener
  • CoinStats
  • PooCoin

Top 10 Price Chart Apps for Crypto Investors

GeckoTerminal and Price Graphing
GeckoTerminal and Price Graphing


GeckoTerminal is a DeFi and DEX aggregator, with price charting capabilities.

Key Aspects 

Advanced charting tools: Technical analysis can be conducted using a variety of advanced charting tools that GeckoTerminal provides. Trading opportunities can be found by analyzing market trends and price movements using a variety of indicators, drawing tools, and chart styles.

Trading integration: By integrating with a number of decentralized exchanges (DEXes), the platform enables users to carry out transactions right from the platform. Access to real-time market data, price charts, and token info are all made simple for traders.

Customizable dashboards: GeckoTerminal offers users configurable dashboards where they can customize unique layouts based on liking.

User Interface and Experience

GeckoTerminal offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface tailored for cryptocurrency traders. The platform provides a clean and organized layout, making it easy to navigate and access the desired features. The charts are highly customizable, allowing users to personalize their views based on their trading strategies.

The interface focuses on providing a seamless trading experience. Users can execute trades with a few clicks and access real-time market data.


  • Technical analysis charting platform that is advanced.
  • Watchlist that can be customized to monitor numerous assets.


  • For new users who aren't familiar with technical analysis and crypto trading, the platform could have a learning curve.

DexView Chart Tool
DexView Chart Tool


DexView is a price chart tool tailored to decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Key Characteristics

DEXView offers detailed price charts tailored exclusively for decentralized exchanges. For cryptocurrencies traded on DEX platforms, users have access to historical and real-time pricing data.

Tracking liquidity: The program provides tools for tracking liquidity on DEXs, allowing users to assess the market depth and make more intelligent trading decisions. Users may use this tool to learn the liquidity that is available for particular tokens and to assess market conditions.

User interface and experience: With DEXView, users can navigate the decentralized exchange ecosystem with a focused and welcoming interface. The software features an easy-to-use interface with clear price charts and market data displays. Users can easily get the information they need for the particular DEXs they are interested in.

The interface focuses on offering pertinent information about price fluctuations and liquidity on decentralized exchanges, enabling users to make knowledgeable trading decisions. By assuring quick and accurate data updates, the platform also aims to provide a seamless experience.


  • Data and price charts are specifically designed for decentralized exchanges.


  • Compared to other platforms, DEXView may provide less comprehensive coverage of decentralized exchanges.

Cryptowatch Crypto Price Chart App
Cryptowatch Crypto Price Chart App


Cryptowatch is a popular cryptocurrency price chart app.

Key characteristics

Advanced charting: Cryptowatch provides users with interactive and customizable charts, offering a wide range of technical analysis tools, indicators, and drawing options. Traders can analyze price trends, patterns, and volumes to make informed investment decisions.

Real-time market data: The platform offers real-time market data for hundreds of cryptocurrencies across various exchanges. Users can access live prices, trading volumes, order book data, and historical market data to stay up to date with the latest market movements.


  • Price charts in real-time with various customizing possibilities.
  • Integration with several crypto exchanges for easy trading.
  • A robust set of charting tools and technical indicators.
  • Notifications of price alerts for prompt decision-making.


  • For novices, advanced functions and functionalities may cause some difficulties in understanding what the app can offer.
  • Certain sophisticated functions may need a membership.

CryptoView Portfolio Tracker
CryptoView Portfolio Tracker


CryptoView goes beyond being a mere portfolio tracker and offers a complete trading platform that enables users to trade on major cryptocurrency exchanges through a secure and unified interface.

Key Characteristics

Portfolio tracking across multiple exchanges: Users of CryptoView can track their portfolios across all major Bitcoin exchanges from a single, secured interface. Users can link and sync their exchange accounts so they can see their holdings and performance in one place.

Advanced charting tools: A variety of technical indicators, sketching tools, and timeframes are among the advanced charting tools that the platform provides. These resources give users the ability to do thorough technical analysis and make wise trading decisions.

Automated trading and API interfaces: With multi-exchange support, CryptoView allows investors to seamlessly synchronize their exchanges and wallets through API connections. This integration enables them to manage trade orders across multiple exchanges from a single secure account.

User interface and experience: To improve the user experience, CryptoView provides a sleek, simple user interface. The platform has a neat and orderly style that makes it simple to explore and get the needed functionality. Users enjoy a smooth charting experience because of the charts' high level of interactivity and attractive visuals.


  • Portfolio tracking across several exchanges for a complete picture of your assets.
  • Advanced charting tools with customisable indicators and timeframes.
  • API connectors provide automated trading possibilities.
  • It provides individuals with the opportunity to stay up to date with real-time news and market data.


  • Certain sophisticated features may require a membership to access.
  • For beginners, the learning curve for using the entire range of functions might take some time.

Coinigy Digital Asset Trading Platform
Coinigy Digital Asset Trading Platform


Coinigy is a digital asset trading platform that allows users to link their wallets from 46 exchanges. Its primary purpose is to simplify the tracking and trading of a wide range of cryptocurrency coins available on multiple exchanges. Coinigy caters to both new and experienced cryptocurrency traders and investors, offering features such as trading on multiple exchanges, portfolio monitoring, real-time pricing, and more.

Important Characteristics

Wallet portfolio monitoring: Coinigy provides email and SMS price notifications to consumers to keep them informed. With modern anti-theft device technology, it enables users to manage their portfolios and monitor their crypto wallets from a single location.

Sophisticated charting tools: To examine changes in cryptocurrency prices, Coinigy provides a large selection of sophisticated charting tools. To conduct in-depth technical analysis, traders have access to technical indicators, sketching tools, and many timeframes.

Real-time API: Users can communicate with Coinigy accounts and Exchange Accounts through API integration, refresh balances, set alerts, make or cancel orders, and poll for market data. Additionally, the API interface enables direct, real-time communication as well as consistent portfolio management for highly effective trading and charting across several trading accounts.

Historical data: Historical market data is available to consumers in RAW and 0HLCV formats through Coinigy's downloadable trading history.

Price alerts: Users can create personalized price notifications to keep track of big price changes. When a particular cryptocurrency crosses its specified price criteria, Coinigy will alert users, enabling them to take prompt action and make decisions.

Experience and user interface: Coinigy has an intuitive user interface that is appropriate for both new and more experienced traders. The platform has a simple, user-friendly design that makes it simple to navigate and find the needed functions.

Additionally, the platform offers seamless connectivity with 40+ exchanges, allowing users to swiftly complete deals. The tracking and administration of several assets are made simpler by the portfolio management area, which offers a thorough overview of holdings and performance measures.


  • For in-depth examination, many charting tools and technical indicators are available.
  • Integration with several exchanges to make trading more convenient.
  • Portfolio tracking and performance indicators in real-time.
  • Price notifications that can be customized for quick decision-making.


  • Coinigy is a paid service that may not be suited for all investors.
  • Because of the number of features and settings, some users may find the interface overwhelming.



GoCharting is a versatile platform that offers comprehensive coverage of various markets, including US stocks, Indian stocks and commodities, cryptocurrencies, and forex. It supports a wide range of assets, such as stocks, futures, options, currencies, and commodities, allowing users to access and analyze data from different markets all in one place.

Important Characteristics

Advanced technical analysis: GoCharting offers traders the resources they need to do in-depth technical analysis, including over 150 premium indicators, 300 technical analysis studies, order flow charts, market profiles, and volume profile tools. This helps them identify patterns, trends, and potential trading opportunities.

Trading options: GoCharting's cutting-edge trading platform for options enables users to trade options with confidence. Traders have the freedom to successfully apply their options trading strategies thanks to the availability of over 40 ready-to-use strategies and the possibility to design their own.

Multibroker integration: GoCharting has integrated with a number of brokers, allowing users to conduct trades right from the site. Faster transaction execution and seamless communication with preferred brokerage accounts are made possible by this feature.

Powerful features: It offers a variety of strong tools that are intended to assist traders do business like experts. Trading choices may be made with the use of sophisticated technical analysis tools, order flow charts, imbalance charts, and cluster charts, which provide traders with important information about market players.


  • Extensive technical analysis studies and tools for in-depth market analysis.
  • Integration of many brokers for efficient transaction execution.
  • A sophisticated tool for trading options with configurable strategies.
  • Access to strong features that improve trading potential.


  • GoCharting may not be as well integrated with crypto exchanges as other platforms.
  • Depending on the chosen membership package, specific features and integrations might not be available.

TradingView Graphing Application
TradingView Graphing Application


TradingView is a popular price graphing application among cryptocurrency investors and traders. It enables users to communicate, and exchange trading concepts, as well as analyze and trade straight from TradingView's well-organised charting features.

Key Aspects Include

Advanced technical analysis: TradingView provides a variety of advanced charts, such as candlestick, Heikin Ashi, Renko, and others. With different time periods and programmable themes, traders may examine price changes and spot patterns. Through the use of several chart styles, the platform also enables the simultaneous comparison of various assets or time periods.

Technical indicators: TradingView gives traders the tools they need to accurately assess market conditions and trends with more than 100 built-in technical indicators, including Moving Averages, RSI, MACD, and Bollinger Bands.

Drawing tools: Using a variety of drawing tools, including trend lines, Fibonacci retracements, support/resistance levels, and others, traders may conduct in-depth technical analysis.

Trading alerts: A variety of customizable alerts based on price levels, technical indicators, or particular occurrences advise traders of important market changes. Alerts can be sent to mobile devices via visual popups, aural cues, email, SMS, and PUSH notifications.

Financial research: By including fundamental tools like valuation ratios, financial statements, and historical business data, TradingView enables traders to do thorough fundamental research.

Market data coverage: The platform offers a wide range of market data, such as stocks, currency, commodities, and more, guaranteeing that traders have access to complete knowledge.

Pine Script: Pine Script, a programming language offered by TradingView, enables users to develop unique indicators, tactics, and alerts, increasing their versatility and trading prowess.

Social network: Its social network encourages cooperation among traders all around the world. Users can find and share trading methods using the Trading Ideas feature, and the option to follow experienced traders and take part in live chats that offer insightful analysis and instructive possibilities.


  • A vibrant social environment for sharing and collaborating on ideas.
  • Real-time market data for a variety of asset classes.
  • Integration with several exchanges and brokers for easy trading.


  • For beginners, it might take some time to explore the entire range of functions.

DEX Screener DEXs Monitor
DEX Screener DEXs Monitor

DEX Screener

DEX Screener is a platform that allows crypto investors to analyze and monitor decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and their associated tokens. The website is a great resource for both novice and experienced investors because it is free to use and provides access to data from several blockchain networks.

Key Features

Broad coverage: Dex Screener gives users access to more decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and token pairs than any other cryptocurrency screener, enabling users to explore a variety of DEXs and networks.

Customizable filters: Users can choose to filter crypto assets based on a number of different factors, including price, market capitalization, volume, transactions, network/chain, liquidity, FDV, and price movements. Users may now focus their search and access more pertinent resources thanks to this.

Free charting and technical analysis: Free charting and technical analysis tools are available through Dex Screener, which uses TradingView's technology. These tools let users examine price movements and apply technical indicators to make smarter investing decisions.

Dex and DeFi data: The platform offers thorough data on tokens' contracts and pools for token pairs, providing useful information for DeFi investors.

Trends and indexes: Dex Screener gives users access to dex indexes to discover the most actively traded pairings and keep track of the broader dex market, as well as the ability to examine new trends in price and volume data.

Multicharts: Dex Screener offers a multi-charts feature that allows users to create custom dashboards with multiple charts, facilitating the comparison of price movements and pattern identification.

New pairs and gainers/losers: Users can discover new token pairs recently added to the platform and access lists of top gainers and losers, providing insights into current market trends.

User-friendly interface: Dex Screener provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and access the platform's various features and tools.


  • Free to use with no sign-up or KYC requirements.
  • Comprehensive coverage of token pairings and blockchains.
  • TradingView offers free charting tools.
  • Gives DeFi investors insightful information.
  • Offers filters and notifications that are configurable.
  • Access to trade explorer, trends, and indices.
  • A user-friendly interface.


  • Limited to DEX tracking and analysis, and may not cover all exchanges.
  • The platform may require some familiarity with decentralized exchanges and token trading.

CoinStats Crypto Portfolio Tracker - Price Monitoring
CoinStats Crypto Portfolio Tracker - Price Monitoring


CoinStats is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and price monitoring app available on various platforms. It stands out among money trackers due to its excellent services, including NFT portfolio support, in-house earning protocols, and the innovative "Midas" program. These features elevate CoinStats to the top tier of money-tracking platforms.

Key Features

Portfolio tracking: CoinStats allows users to track their cryptocurrency portfolios by syncing with multiple exchanges and wallets. Users can monitor their holdings, balances, and overall portfolio performance in real time.

Price alerts and notifications: Users can set custom price alerts for individual cryptocurrencies, ensuring they are notified when the price reaches specific levels. CoinStats sends real-time notifications to keep users informed about market movements.

Market analysis: CoinStats provides a comprehensive overview of the cryptocurrency market, including live prices, historical charts, market capitalization, and trading volumes. Users can access market insights and make data-driven decisions.

User Interface and Experience

Easy-to-read design: CoinStats offers a user-friendly interface with a sleek design. The platform provides a visually appealing and intuitive layout, making it easy to navigate and access portfolio information, price charts, and market data. Users can customize their dashboard and view the data that matters most to them.

Choice of free and paid plans with various features: CoinStats gives customers the opportunity to choose between free and paid plans, enabling them to make the choice that best meets their requirements and financial situation. Depending on their preferences, this gives consumers the chance to access extra services and advantages.


  • Portfolio tracking and management across multiple exchanges and wallets.
  • Customizable price alerts and real-time notifications.
  • Comprehensive market analysis and data visualization.
  • Offers a cryptocurrency wallet with DeFi capabilities like staking, called CoinStats Wallets.
  • There are mobile applications for iOS and Android smartphones that provide daily summaries of 24-hour cryptocurrency reports.


  • Some advanced features may require a subscription for full access.
  • Limited support for popular BTC wallets.
  • Users may need to manually input transactions for accurate portfolio tracking.



PooCoin is a popular platform for tracking and analyzing Binance Smart Chain (BSC) tokens.

Key Features

Rugpull scanner: The platform provides a rugpull scanner that helps users identify potentially fraudulent tokens or projects. This feature adds an extra layer of security when investing in BSC tokens.

Charting tools: PooCoin offers a range of charting tools, including technical indicators, candlestick patterns, and drawing tools. Users can perform technical analysis and identify trading opportunities.

Token metrics and analysis: PooCoin offers extra token data and research tools in addition to its price charts for its tokens. Users have access to information including market cap rankings, circulating supply, total supply, and price change percentages. Users can assess a token's market position and compare it to other cryptocurrencies using these indicators.

Price alerts: PooCoin users have the option of setting price notifications for particular coins. Users are alerted when the price crosses a preset threshold, enabling them to keep aware of big price changes and take prompt action.

User interface and experience: PooCoin offers a user-friendly interface designed specifically for BSC token tracking. The platform provides a clean and organized layout, making it easy to search for tokens, view price charts, and access additional data. Users can customize their charting view based on their preferences.


  • Rugpull scanner for added security.
  • Charting tools for technical analysis.
  • A prominent on-chain analytics tool for Polygon, BNB, and KCC Chains.
  • Nearly 10M visitors to the site overall.
  • Approximately 66,000 holders.
  • There is no need to create an account.


  • Untrustworthy rating.
  • The continued decline in the world ranking.
  • Believed to be a scam or tolerating con artists.
  • no more than 100,000 can be traded in a single transaction.
  • The platform may require some familiarity with BSC and token trading.


These were the top 10 price charts apps for crypto investors and they offer a wide variety of features and advantages to improve one's investment process. Investors should take into account their unique requirements, user interface, charting capabilities, trading tools, and interaction with exchanges when selecting the best chart apps. Crypto investors can efficiently follow price changes, examine market patterns, and manage their portfolios with confidence and accuracy by utilizing these price chart applications.

By the Coinscope Team·14 Jun 2023·

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