Where to Find New Cryptos Launching

By the Coinscope Team·03 Apr 2022·
Where to Find New Cryptos Launching

2021 was a bumper year for crypto investors. Early investors of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin saw massive returns during the year, becoming millionaires off initial investments as low as a few hundred dollars.

Best Ways of Finding New Cryptos

Everyone is keeping an eye out for the next big thing. If you can purchase a new coin when it's priced at a few cents and sell it when it reaches its maximum, you could make a fortune. But where do you find those hidden gems? Here are a few tips!


We all know at least one "crypto guy" in our circle of friends or professional networks that can share their tips, but if you don't, you could join a few crypto fan groups on Telegram, Discord, or Reddit. Unfortunately, you never know if these recommendations are legitimate. Many coin launches seem legitimate but are thinly disguised rug pulls. A rug pull is a scam perpetrated on decentralized exchanges where developers abandon their projects and abscond with investors' funds. Never invest in a crypto project if they haven't been audited and vetted, with an available audit report for review. Anonymous teams and "blank egg" accounts on social media are usually a warning sign too.


If you aren't sure where to go, you can Google to find crypto news or press releases. You can also subscribe to popular crypto newsletters that share information about new releases or smart contracts. Again, there is a lot of fake news out there. Some unscrupulous developers will create multiple websites to make themselves appear legitimate, so this takes a lot more research than you might think initially.


Hundreds of popular vloggers and Tiktokers create tip videos about the latest crypto releases. It's best to take their advice with a pinch of salt and do your own digging before rushing to invest. After all, these content creators are incentivized to drive up views for their pages. They claim that everyone should rush to buy the "new XYZ token" because it will explode in value overnight and gain a lot of attention. If the developers are legitimate, these videos could drive up the value of those coins significantly by triggering a rush. Make sure the crypto project is legitimate, and you may make a decent profit.


Ask Me Anything evenings are a good way of finding new coins. During these sessions, developers will answer questions about their new coin projects or tokens online. Finding these isn't always easy, but keeping an eye on social media helps. Follow some of the top influencers in the crypto space - many successful crypto entrepreneurs and staff go on to create side projects and new tokens.

Crypto Launchpads

Crypto launchpads like PinkSale or DxSale are extremely handy in many ways. They can raise liquidity or support through crowdfunding or launch new coins and crypto projects. When new projects want to develop a product or service, they will create a token to sell to early investors using the launchpad. Keeping an eye on these platforms will reveal new tokens as they crop up.

Early Coin Discovery Sites

There aren't many sites dedicated to the early discovery of coins, but Coinscope can help. The site promotes new coins and can perform audits to ensure that they are legitimate. Coinscope also provides information that will help you evaluate the coin's growth potential, including unbiased reports that the entire community can review. Coinscope comes with pricing charts, change indicators, market caps, coin burning and supply stats, and more.

Benefits of Finding New Cryptos Early

So, why go through all this trouble? There are several benefits of finding coins early (and often). Let's look at a few!

Access the Best Returns

Bitcoin had no value when it launched. It sold for a fraction of a penny. Today, a single BTC will cost tens of thousands of dollars, representing millions of percentage points in gains. Stocks purchased on the stock market will only deliver an average of 8% returns. The crypto market is volatile, and coins can skyrocket in a few days. It's best to get in early and sell when the value is good.

Free Coins

Some crypto projects reward their earliest investors with coin drops and free crypto to incentivize them to keep using the platform or hold their currency. You're far more likely to enjoy these benefits if you get in early.

Become a Decision-Maker

Some crypto platforms are entirely democratized, and the community can participate in its governance. The more coins you hold, the bigger say you will have over the crypto platform. The best way to accumulate the lion's share is to purchase your coins early when the value is low.

Catch Coins Before They Inflate

Most investors are familiar with the Coinbase effect. Coins listed on large exchanges, including Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase, tend to rise in price dramatically. Some don't grow beyond the initial surge; others go to great heights. If you don't have much to invest, you need to get ahead of the curve and buy early to (hopefully) make a profit.


The only way to maximize your crypto investment is to jump early and sell at the right time. Finding crypto coins early will help you realize better profits and have more control over your investment. If you want to be one of the first to discover new coins and tokens, keep an eye on Coinscope. New coins are loaded all the time, along with the information you will need to make a decision.

By the Coinscope Team·03 Apr 2022·

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